om - research

background and research interests:

I am a computer science ph.d student at the university of colorado boulder, 2020 cohort, and member of the peleg lab. I have a spanning interest in complex systems - especially swarm systems - and collective intelligence. Some of my research goals are to understand how living complex systems make decisions and to classify and recognize intelligence at different scales of individuals. My main methods are agent-based modeling, numerical analysis, machine learning, and network science.

active research:

firefly classification based on spatiotemporal flash pattern analysis with recurrent neural networks

emergent periodicity of swarming fireflies

in pre-print here
source code can be found here

synchronization dynamics of firefly-LED systems

art generation with agent-based predator prey modeling and neural style transfer

source code can be found here

past research:

collective information sharing in honeybee colonies and its impact on swarm memory

source code can be found here

visualizing bird migration patterns

source code can be found here

modeling human movement pattern response to covid-19.

source code can be found here

classifying birds by spectrogram analysis of their calls

source code can be found here